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David Disraeli, President of The Personal CFO in Austin TX Announces a New Partnership with Legal Shield

Press release from: The Personal CFO, Inc.

The vast majority of consumers do not have access to the legal system. Many times it is cost prohibitive to engage an attorney when legal issues arise. For this reason, David Disraeli has become an associate of Legal Shield to offer his clients access to top attorneys in every area of the law at an affordable price.

Legal Shield (formerly Prepaid Legal) has been in business over forty years, has over 1.4 million users and operates in 49 states. David Disraeli is often confronted with client’s legal problems from being in the financial advisory business for thirty years. Issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, credit card debt, divorce, landlord tenant issues are just a few.

 By being associated with Legal Shield, David Disraeli can now confidently refer his clients to a law firm that offers legal advice 24/7 365 days per year for a low monthly cost. It is a fact that most people will eventually confront situations that require legal assistance. The firm offers unlimited phone calls, free wills, (one per year), free review of documents up to fifteen pages, uncontested divorces, name changes, traffic tickets and more. If an item is not covered, members receive a 25% discount off the normal fee.

If a person has ever been sued, lost their wallet, had their identity stolen, had trouble with a warranty, car repair shop, accident, moving violation, issues with leases or tenants, injuries on their property or to themselves, they needed legal advice. Without a flat fees, people can run up hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees in a short time. Legal also offers plans for gun owners and businesses.

For a complete explanation of this new service, call David Disraeli at 512-464-1110 or email him at david@pcfo.netDavid Disraeli and The Personal CFO, Inc. offer comprehensive financial, tax, and estate planning advice as well as alternative investments. The firm was founded in 1993.

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Austin, TX 6/18/2016  
David Disraeli, President of The Personal CFO in Austin TX Announces services to halt foreclosure in Texas
Many homeowners are unaware that very often lenders who foreclose on homes do so without the proper paperwork, and therefore illegally. Unfortunately once the foreclosure takes place the homeowner must sue for wrongful foreclosure in order to get the house back. Texas is a non judicial foreclosure state which means that lenders may foreclose and take a property back without involving the courts.

The good news is that foreclosure can be stopped dead in its tracks through a restraining order or bankruptcy and other techniques. Of course some of these processes involve an attorney, expenses, and may not work.

Congress has recently become aware that banks and mortgage companies are foreclosing on homes without following proper procedures. In fact Bank of America and other banks halted foreclosures for a time to reexamine their procedures. The key issue is that loans are sold and re-sold along with the servicing rights and many time the foreclosing bank isn’t even entitled to foreclose because the transfer of owners wasn’t Done correctly. To see if you qualify for an emergency stay of foreclosure.

Some people are still living in homes were they have not made a payment to their mortgage company in ten YEARS! Our firm does not advocate the use of maneuvers to avoid paying legitimate debts. Instead we advocate for consumers and educate them on their legal rights in Texas. Lack of information can be financially deadly. There are at least ten different ways to put a bank on hold. While restraining orders are good for one month, other techniques can be used to hold the bank off for much longer. For example, if you have a buyer a bank make agree to take less than what is owed just to avoid the whole process.

For a free analysis of your situation, call David Disraeli at 512-464-1110 or email me at david@pfo.net

Austin, TX 1/14/2016
President of The Personal CFO, Inc says that market risk is not the most important risk to investors
Author David Disraeli and prominent financial advisers says that identity theft and the risk of losing assets to a judgment creditor may be more important than market risk.

David Disraeli, President of The Personal CFO says that although market, inflation and income taxes are serious impendences to future lifestyles, there are other risks that are unaddressed. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated every day. Identy theft is becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, not a day goes by without the media announce that Target or some huge institution like the Department of Defense has be breached and thousands of social security numbers have been stolen.

In addition, most financial planners fail to plan for the possibility that a client may be sued and have their hard earned money going to a perfect.stranger. Fortunately there are a number of easy tools and techniques to make oneself judgment proof or at least judgment resistant.

Identity theft is not only related to financial transactions. A crime could be committed in someone’s name without them knowing it until they are arrested. There is also medical fraud where criminals are using someone else’s identity to obtain medical care and taint the victims’ medical history.

David Disraeli, founder of The Personal CFO, Inc. announced today that he has released a revised version of his book “What to Do With Your Aging Parents”

Online PR News – 28-December-2015 – Austin, TX – David Disraeli wrote “What to Do With Your Aging Parents” after spending many years in the financial planning business. He noticed that few clients knew much about their parents’ estates or the location of important documents. What is worse than trying to find important information or documents during a health crises? It is a forgone conclusion that before we die we will most likely do through some period of disability, either mental or physical or both.

This book was written both to the baby boomer with aging parents and the aging parents themselves. No one in Texas dies without a will, either the one your provide or the one the state provides. However without proper powers of attorney, no third party may act on behalf of you, your parents or any adult. If you wait until a crises it is too late. The courts get to decide who has the power.

The six step plan is a multi generational road map for both adult children of seniors and the seniors. It addresses the financial, emotional and legal consequences of aging. The goal is to smooth out the aging process before a major event forces plans and decisions during a heightened emotional state. For more information see www.agingparents.net. To buy the book, or view its contents do a search for the title on Amazon.com. It is available in paperback and Kindle.